Traffic & Speeding

Over the past 10 years our community has grown resulting in traffic build up, congested roads and neighbourhoods plagued with speeding.  Arterial roads aren’t built in sync with new development.  I will advocate for a citizens’ traffic advisory committee to address traffic concerns of commuters and other development related issues.  We need to ensure that the road infrastructure keeps pace with projected growth in Ward 1.  Conlin Road is of particular concern, especially considering the future development already approved. The committee would advise council on addressing traffic congestion, locations for speed notification boards, traffic signals, stop signs and identifying problem areas.

Speeding is an issue in our neighbourhoods.  We need better enforcement, so Durham becomes known for enforcing its speed limits. I will advocate for enforcement of speed throughout Oshawa.  Permanent speed indicator signs can be effective to show drivers just how fast they’re travelling on city streets.  We need our streets to be safe.  

I live in a new subdivision in Ward One, and I’m concerned about the delay of a year or more in completing sidewalks, curbs and grass.  Developers and builders should be required to adhere to a timeline within 6 months of occupancy to provide these services (of course paving and sod can’t be done in the winter months). It’s not reasonable to be subjected to the eyesore of huge weeds growing on City boulevards, living in a dust bowl, and students having to beat a path through the weeds and snow to get to school.  The City and previous councils have washed their hands on this issue. If elected, I will make sure there is a Development By-law that requires that sidewalks and streetscapes are finished in a timely manner.  Please let me know what you think…

Taunton Road.jpg


Parks are another issue.  With the hot weather we have experienced over the past few summers, spray pads and cooling stations would be a welcome feature in neighbourhood parks.  These could be designed into new parks or as an upgrade to existing parks.  Out of 110 parks in the City only 9 have water features.  Parks should also serve the demographics of the neighbourhood.  Perimeter walking paths with shaded seating would be welcome for seniors and young families. The budget for playground improvements in the past has not been enough.  In 2017, a mere $20,000 was allocated for that purpose, although a facility needs assessment indicated that many playgrounds throughout the city need to be updated.

When I was Chair of the City’s Planning Committee, we changed the scheduling for completing installation of parks to the beginning of construction of a neighbourhood instead of at the end.  Parks are now ready for the first residents when they move in, so families have a safe and clean place for children to play. The same idea should be applied to finishing boulevards and sidewalks adjacent to arterial roads.  Trees would have several more years to mature and unsightly weeds would be replaced with grass so pedestrians would have a safe place to walk.


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